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Quality Control

Our GMP standard facilities are subject to stringent regulations that cover every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the way raw materials are received and stored to climate control, employee training, record-keeping and more.

Our products undergo the best testing methods available, including HPLC, GC, UV, and IPC-MS. We employ only the most experienced professionals to assure that our high standards are always met. Our technicians are all high grade engineers or hold masters or doctorates.

For our customers, this guarantees increased efficiency and productivity and avoids mix-ups and errors.Providing customers with products that meet and even exceed all specifications and even our own stringent standards of quality is our top priority.

We offer customized testing for your products, including comparative product testing and product evaluations. Benchmarking competitor's products, using the same rigorous methods and strict standards we apply to our products, helps you develop premium products that are competitively priced.Depending upon your requirements, we can provide:

Certificates of Analysis
Test method
High performance liquid chromatogram
Organic Certificate
Allergen Statement
Material Safety Data Sheet
Non-GMO Statement
Non-Irradiation Statement
Kosher Certificate
Manufacture Flow Chart
Heavy metals Limited report from the third party Lab (SGS)
Microbial detection data report from the third party Lab (SGS) 

NINO biotech guarantees the quality, purity and consistency of its products. We can because we use industry and government approved testing methods.
In addition, we work and consult with researchers, technologists, and manufacturers around the world giving us unparalleled access to the latest research, testing methodologies and manufacturing procedures.This enables us to continually monitor and perfect our own processing and testing, as well as develop new test methods.

As below is our Quality control flow chart