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Shiping Service
At NINO biotech, we can pack all the products as our customer special requirement, shipping the product on time to make sure no mistake and no loss on the shipping. We have a strictly regulation to withdraw the product if our customer come out some questions on the product shipping or quality or something else.

Technical Service
We offer the technical service from our customer point, once our customer comes out a technical question, our technical department will try their best to offer the satisfied answer to our customer. The thinking that service is the same important as the product quality has become one part of NINO biotech Company cultural. By using USP standards in test methods, including HPLC, we can guarantee precise and consistent levels of active ingredients and marker compounds in the products we produce, our products are guaranteed pure and effective.

Contract Manufacturing Services
At NINO biotech, we can help you create a product from formulation to packaging and delivery, we can perform any step, and combination of steps, through product development and manufacturing. We offer comprehensive client services, including testing, in our state-of-the-art labs, and innovative research and development using our own teams of experts. We provide a variety of processing options, including wet and dry granulations, liquid extraction and spray drying for large and small scale orders. This winning combination of capabilities allows us to help you create unique, effective and highly marketable products.

We also offer the following contract-manufacturing processes:
Proprietary processing technologies 
Multi-Ingredient Aqueous Granulations 
Super Microfine Powdered 
Ingredient Formulations for Direct Compression 
Detailed Analyses of Actives and Microbiologics 
Capsulation and Tablet Compression
Finished product packaging 

Custom Orders

If we don't already offer what you're looking for, we will work with you, under strict confidentiality, to formulate products that meet your needs.