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Red yeast rice extract

  • Raw material

  • Red yeast rice extract powder

  • Packing 25KG/drum


Product code:R11001

Product Specifications:1-3.5% Monacolin K(lovastatin)

Latin Name: Monascus purpureus went

Active ingredients: Monacolin K

Test Method: HPLC

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Product description
Product Name: Red yeast rice powder 
Latin Name: Monascus purpureus went
Molecular Formula: C24H36O5
Molecular Mass: 404.54
CAS NO.: 75330-75-5

1-3.5% Monacolin K(lovastatin)
Package: 1kg/foil bag, 5kg/foil bag, 10kg/foil bag, 25kg/drum

What is Red Rice Yeast Extract?
Red yeast rice has been used in China for centuries as both a food and as a medicinal substance. Fermenting a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus over red rice makes it. In Chinese medicine, red yeast rice is used to promote blood circulation, soothe upset stomach, and invigorate the function of the spleen, a body organ that destroys old blood cells and filters foreign substances. In addition, this dietary supplement has been used traditionally for bruised muscles, hangovers, indigestion, and colic in infants. Recently, it has been discovered that red yeast rice contains substances that are similar to prescription medications that lower cholesterol.

What are Health Benefits?
Red yeast rice is used in powdered form as a food coloring in Asia and in Chinese communities in North America, most commonly for coloring fish, alcoholic beverages, and cheeses. Manufacturers recommend that people under age 20 should not be given this supplement until further information is available. There is currently no scientific information indicating whether red yeast rice can be safely given to children.

1. Main Functionlowering blood pressure and total cholesterol
2. Improving blood circulation and benefiting stomach
3. Antioxidant, preventing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis
4. Preventing Alzheimer S Disease 

1. As raw materials of drugs for lowering blood pressure and Alzheimer's disease, it is mainly used in
pharmaceutical field;
2. As active ingredient of products for improving blood circulation and benefiting stomach, it is mainly
used in health product industry;
3. As food supplements and natural pigment, it is widely used in food industry.

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