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Gynostemma Extract


Product code:G11103

Product Specifications:20~90% Gypenosides

Latin Name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.)

CAS No.: 15588-68-8

Active ingredients: Gypenosides

Test Method: UV

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Product description
Name:Gynostemma Extract
Latin Name:Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.)
Part used:Whole Herb
Molecular Formula:C80H126O44
Molecular Mass:1791.83
CAS NO.:15588-68-8
Testing Method:UV

What is Gynostemma?
Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an herbaceous vine of the family Cucurbitaceae (cucumber or gourd family) indigenous to the southern reaches of China, southern Korea and Japan. Gynostemma is best known as an herbal medicine reputed to have powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic effects that increase longevity.Gynostemma taste little bitter, has function on cough, expectorant function.
Gynostemma has been widely reported to be effective in decrease blood lipid and blood glucose, resist aging and cancer. Gynostemma is also helpful on protecting liver and enhancing body’s immunological function, although some of mechanism are still waiting for research. Other researches have shown than gynostemma can improve the metabolism of the heart directly as well as enhancesthe release of nitric oxide of the body, which can help to relax the coronary blood vessels obviously.

Adaptogenic, antioxidant, immune modulating,anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, respiratory tonic, platelet regulator, anti-hyperlipidemic, cholesterol regulator, anti-obesity, liver protecting, triglyceride lowering
Antihypertensive, hypolipidemic, constipation, soothes the nerves governing custody of improving immunity, enhance physical strength; weakness, reduce or eliminate symptoms of fatigue, aging, improve mental activities to enhance brain function.
Maintain cardiovascular health, anti - Sclerosis; inhibit the formation of thrombus.
Sedation, hypnosis, anti-tight, white-haired governance, treatment of headaches,

Applied in food field, a series of gynostemma tea and drinks are brought to the market
Applied in health product field, to adjust blood pressure and strengthen the immune system

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