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Green coffee bean extract

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Product code:G11004

Product Specifications:Chlorogenic acid 10-50%

Latin Name: Coffea Arabica L

 Active ingredients: Chlorogenic acid

Test Method: HPLC

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Product description

Green coffee bean Extract
Latin Name: Coffea Arabica L
Active ingredients: Chlorogenic acid
Test Method: HPLC

Chlorogenic acid
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:354.31
CAS Number:327-97-9
Molecular Structure:

Specification: Chlorogenic acid 10%-50% test by HPLC,Total Chlorogenics acid 10-70%
Packing: 1kg/foil bag, 5kg/foil bag, 10kg/foil bag, 25kg/drum

Features of NINO's Green coffee bean extract:
·All NINO's Green coffee bean extract is made from the unroasted beans of Coffea Arabica L., and results in a high level of Chlorogenic acid and other caffeoylquinic acids. 

·Besides its supreme anti-oxidant and fat accumulation suppressing properties, NINO's Green coffee bean product is water-soluble, which allows its easy addition in drinks.

Green coffee bean means un-roasted coffee, that has higher nutritional value than roasted coffee whose nutrients have been partially destroyed during roasting.

The main constituents of coffee include polyphenol compounds, polysaccharides and caffeoylquinic acid derivatives such as Chlorogenic acid and Cynarin.

Indications and Uses:
1. Powerful Antioxidant;
2. Reducing free oxygen radicals;
3. Glucose Metabolism;
4. Reduce the risk of diabetes, Loss weight.

Technical Docments:

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